• Yarn provides extra security opposed to NPM. NPM can add new files to the dependencies if needed. Yarn only uses what is inside the lock file.
  • When comparing Yarn and NPM with regards to downloads, Yarn 2 times faster than NPM. Yarn can download and reads packages simultaneously, while NPM reads sequentially waiting for each one to download before going to the next.
  • There is another package manager, “Bower”, that yarn can download packages from, so YARN can download from both nodejs and Bower.
  • Currently Yarn can merge lock files easily, npm will create the another package lock file, with the same packages in it. So each package lock file will contain a different version, both will have the same files that were first used, but only the second will include the extra packages in it.
  • The output in your terminal is very different.
  • Licenses for packages can be seen with Yarn, NPM doesn’t really show them.
  • NPM is downloaded automatically when you install Node. To install yarn you can use:




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